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Planning Your Winter Wedding

The departure of summer can mean only one thing: it’s time to start planning your winter wedding! Festive occasions such as Christmas; classic movies and literature such as The Snow Queen and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and of course stunningly evocative moments like witnessing the first snows of winter or the tranquillity of a frosty garden at dawn give you so much to draw on when planning your wedding theme.

Read on for a few tips on how to transform your winter-themed wedding from a nice idea written down on the page to a fully-realised occasion that is full of magic, wonder and enduring memories.

Fine Tune Your Theme

So you’ve decided on a winter-themed wedding to accompany the arrival of the new season, but precisely which theme will you decide to go for? Maybe you want your wedding decor to evoke feelings of vintage Christmas time in your guests. In this case, you could use retro-frosted bouquets and vintage place cards to achieve this effect.

Winter bauble table decoration

Perhaps you want to bring some fantasy and magic to your nuptials with a winter Snow Queen-style wedding? For this you may want to use shimmering snowflake napkin rings and bauble decorations to bring a hint of wintry glamour to proceedings.

The secret to making your wedding perfect is to employ a keen eye for detail. Decide which details of your winter theme you would like to accentuate. From there, you need to decide which decorations, favours and other ornamentation you will use to pick these details out.

Work these little details into the decor for your special day and achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Sort the Invitations

Planning your winter wedding isn’t simply about planning the day itself. You also need to pay attention to other details such as the wedding invitations. Continuity is key when planning and designing a wedding that is both beguiling and tasteful. Accordingly, your wedding invitations are no exception to this rule.

Subtly-themed invitations and ‘save the date’ cards are perfect for introducing a tasteful thematic thread to your wedding right from the get-go. This will be the first point of contact with your wedding for many of your guests, so it is important to get this detail right.

Cool winter colour schemes and stylish cards embossed with snowflake patterns are ideal ways to work a winter theme into your wedding preparations. They will also give your guests a sneak preview of the festivities to follow.

Plan Your Decorations

As mentioned above, planning a themed wedding is all about continuity and consistency. With your invitations posted and your theme finely tuned and tweaked, you need to start thinking about decorations.

It is with the decorations that you can really tie your wedding theme together, turning our venue into an expertly-designed and thoroughly-charming winter paradise. Snowflakes are an obvious but effective place to start. These fragile and unique structures are some of nature’s most subtly beautiful and astounding creations.

Snowflake confetti and diamonds also make great decorations to place on your guests’ tables, as well as snowflake place card holders, snowflake candles, or even snowflake favour pails. These are all effective ways of working a winter wonderland theme into your nuptial celebrations.

Beautiful snowflake place cards for glasses

Of course it is important to mix it up a bit. Other decorations such as frosted pinecones, star-effect lights and tree centrepieces dripping with icy jewels and lights will help to add those all important finishing touches to a winter wedding.

Winter has a beautiful and dreamlike quality that you can use to turn your wedding into an occasion that you and your guests will never forget. When choosing decorations, aim to make this your focus. You can showcase all these exquisite qualities while capturing the magical power of this underrated season for a truly breathtaking wedding.

Check out our Winter Wedding Pinterest Wall for further ideas. 

19 October, 2015

Choosing The Right Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is the symbol that proves to one and all that you are married, ‘taken’ and ‘off limits’.

Unlike other pieces of jewellery, you will be expected to wear it every day and, assuming you’ve chosen your future husband wisely, you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life! Choosing the perfect wedding band is therefore an extremely important decision.

The first – and probably most obvious – thing to consider is whether it will work with your engagement ring.  Simple, plain bands are timelessly elegant and should ideally be made of the same metal as your engagement ring. [Please note: white gold may look the same colour as platinum when you first buy it, but it can tarnish over time and have a more yellowy appearance.  However, your local jewlers should be able to treat the ring to restore it's former glory].

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a big trend for 2015 is for platinum bands surrounded with diamonds, so you might want to warn your intended to get saving up now!  For those whole fancy a break from the norm, coloured gemstones are also gaining in popularity as fashion-forward brides become more adventurous and opt for coloured wedding gowns. You could choose your favorite colour or perhaps your birthstone.

Vintage-inspired wedding gowns are the hot trend on the catwalk and these designs are being carried through to wedding jewellery. For example, in Victorian society, many wedding rings were carved with floral designs. Rose gold, which was popular in Edwardian times, is also gaining new fans.

His and Hers matching wedding rings are big news too and, for the ultimate in romance, many couples now choose to engrave the inside – or in some cases the outside – of their rings with messages of love. Your names and the date of your nuptials also work well.

But once you've chosen the rings, how will you decide to present them on your special day?  Head over to our accessories section to view our beautiful range of ring cussions.

Close up of a wedding ring cussion

Happy shopping!

08 October, 2015

What Your Favourite Colour Says About You And Your Wedding

Colours can influence your moods, feelings and emotions. They can also affect your actions and how you respond to people, situations and ideas, so your chosen wedding colour scheme could have a bearing on the mood of the day.

Some colours are uplifting and exciting while others can be depressing and draining. So what does your favourite colour say about you?

Close up of a beautiful vintage white wedding dress

White is pure, healing and spiritual. It indicates beginnings and starting afresh, which is why it is worn by brides.

Pink represents calmness, gentleness and romantic love. It is associated with traditional feminine traits and is very warm, none-threatening and compassionate.

Purple is seen as a very psychic, mysterious and magical colour. It inspires originality, creativity and aids spiritual growth. In addition it represents royalty and the nobility and is associated with luxury and wealth. People with great creativity tend to be drawn to the colour purple such as writers, artists, musicians, psychics and poets.

Indigo represents intuition, perception and concentration. It is the perfect colour for meditation as it allows focus without distraction. Ideas and inspirations can suddenly seem to “come out of the blue” with this colour.

Blue is seen as a cool, tranquil colour and is said to be the colour of communication. From the palest baby blue to the richness of midnight blue, the colour blue is a very healing colour.

Green is a calming, fertile and nurturing colour. Its prevalence in nature makes it very easy on the eye and attractive. Green has always been associated with luck and wealth. It also symbolises freshness, fertility and growth.

Yellow is a sunny, bright and vibrant colour. Just looking at it makes you happy!
Wearing yellow gives an instant sunshine glow to the face and makes you look both cheery and youthful.

Orange is a joyous and vibrant colour, which represents vitality, enthusiasm and excitement. Orange is a very uplifting and attracting colour. If you suffer low moods, try to eat orange foods such as carrots, oranges and pumpkins, wear orange clothing and get out into the sunshine as much as possible.

Red has many meanings. It symbolises both danger and passion. Red is the colour of blood and can shock, repulse and frighten. Red is also the colour of red roses, red hearts and red lips – all symbols of passion and love.

Brown is a rich, comforting and sensuous colour, representing sensibility and practicality. It is not seen as a frivolous or flighty colour and is the preferred colour of both men and women who are practical and like to get things done. It is the colour of the doer rather than the dreamer.

Gold symbolises abundant wealth, power, vibrant health and prosperity. It is also considered a very healing and transformative colour.

Silver represents the feminine traits of intuition, compassion and mystery, and is associated with the moon and moon energy. Silver is said to draw negative energy from the body and replace it with vibrant, positive energy. People who are drawn to the colour silver are usually very intuitive, psychic and extremely compassionate.

Black is viewed as a mysterious, secretive and hidden colour and has many negative connotations. Great care should be taken not to use too much of the colour black for clothing and decor as it is very draining and depressing.


If you're struggling to decide upon a colour, then head over to our wedding themes section for some potential inspiration.

03 October, 2015