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Things to Remember When Creating Your Own Photobooth

Everyone loves a photobooth at a wedding. There’s nothing like seeing your Gran and Granddad donning a Marilyn Monroe wig and Elton John shades and posing for pictures to top off a memorable day. But this is your wedding, so why not have a crack at creating some photobooth fun of your own for you and your guests?

It is a lot easier than you might think; all you need is a bit of imagination, a semi-decent camera, and the ability to put your innate sense of aesthetic taste and sartorial style to the side for a moment. Read on for a few tips on things to remember when creating your DIY wedding photobooth.

Bizarre is Good, Go for it!

There is a time and a place for sharp suits and pretty bridesmaid’s dresses, and a wedding photobooth is neither. There will be plenty of time for beautiful snaps of your nearest and dearest looking their best; now is the time to hide the elegant gowns and tailored jackets under any number of bizarre adornments.

The key here is to indulge your creativity. Want to add comedy ‘taches and top hats to the mix? Go for it. Think your guests would benefit from a feather boa or two, or maybe an inflatable Fender Stratocaster? Chuck them in. ‘Bizarre’ is your friend, ‘eccentric’ is your ally; to give your guests the tools they need to create some truly memorable photobooth snaps, you need to mix it up a bit!

Carefully Create Some Themes... then Chuck Them All in the Blender Together

If you’ve carefully curated every aspect of your wedding in meticulous detail, you can think of the photobooth as the cathartic primal scream at the end of the process. By all means, develop some themes for your DIY photobooth, but why restrict it to one or two. The best photos are born out of a horrific culture clash of styles, and the sort of outfits that would make Trinny and Susannah snort into their daiquiris.

Choose themes that do not sit quite right with each other: think ‘70s rock star debauchery meets Parisian belle époque sophistication, think “retro football kits crossed with pirate hats.” Basically, stick as many different themes into the mixer as you want, and watch the fun unfold on the day. Click here to take a look at our range of photobooth accessories.

Don’t Scrimp on the Camera

In order to capture the best images, you need a camera capable of providing what you need. This doesn’t mean spending upwards of £800 on a top of the range DSLR, but it does mean doing your homework.

Bridge cameras offer a handy stepping stone between the point-and-click ease of a basic camera and the top quality image capture of a DSLR. These cameras can be acquired new for between £100 and £250 – or second hand for far less – and enable you to capture incredible images of your guests that you will be able to treasure forever.

Get Kitted Out

To get the best out of your camera and the pictures it produces, you need accessorise a little. The first thing to invest in is a solid tripod. After all that time and effort spent on creating the perfect atmosphere for photobooth mayhem to take place, you don’t want the resulting pictures ruined by camera-shake and blurring. A 61” tripod is best for this kind of job, and will eliminate the risk of disappointing shots.

You also need to keep those images safe once you’ve captured them. Investing in a protective camera case or bag will prevent damage to the device and will ensure that your guests get treated to a great array of shots that will remind them of a truly fabulous day.

For more ideas, check our Pinterest wall.

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21 December, 2015