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How To Keep Your Wedding Budget Down With DIY Party Favours, Decorations and Invites

Weddings have a habit of spiralling out of control, cost-wise. Even normally frugal, careful types tend to pull out all the stops when it gets around to wedding season, spending freely in an effort to make their wedding perfect.

So how can we rein in the nuptial financial mania that descends on us in the run up to a wedding, without compromising on its overall quality? While a wedding is always going to be accompanied by a rather hefty bill – and there’s no way to escape this – we can provide you with some tips on how to keep your budget down, starting with DIY wedding favours, decorations and invites.

Wedding favour box - keeping costs down

For great-looking favour boxes that can be put together for as little as £1 each, or for low cost solutions for wedding invites and decorations look no further. Scroll down for a few ideas that you can put into practice at your wedding.

Tulles and Bows

Making your own party favours is a great way to wrestle the cost-leviathan back into its box, and also impress your friends and family with your creativity. Using fine coloured netting and tulle-fringed fabrics, you can create carefully crafted favours which are befitting of the wedding’s theme.

You can also use tulle netting in conjunction with ribbons and bows to add themed adornments and classy touches to ready-made invites, tying the overall effect of the wedding together and ensuring that the wedding’s colour theme is appropriately carried off.

Diamante Trimmings and Jewels

It is possible to add a touch of glitz and glamour to your wedding without breaking the bank. Diamante trimmings are perfect for this, whether it is simply adding diamante square trimmings or sticking on diamante studs to cards and favour boxes, or adding diamante buckles to ribbons and bows to your wedding decorations. These low cost accoutrements allow you to bling-up your wedding without breaking the bank.

You can also use jewelled wands and bead sprays to add another touch of detail to your decorations and invites, disrupting the standard silhouette of a favour box or invitation card and creating an item as unique as your wedding celebration itself. It is these little extra details that can help to make your wedding a memorable one.

Flowers and Feathers

Flowers and feathers are incredibly versatile and can be used as a finishing touch on all manner of party favours. Feathers can also be worked into the overall effect of your wedding if you decided to go for a themed event; for example, the feathered headbands of the Roaring Twenties.

What’s more, both of these items are pretty, charming and low-cost, enabling you to create high-quality favours that remain well within your budget. Whether you choose to use the crisp freshness of real flowers to create the desired effect, or carefully-themed bouquets of artificial flowers to give the impression that you want, flowers add a superb finishing touch to your special day.

Wedding themes on a budget

If you’re still in need of inspiration after reading this, here are a few themes to get your creative juices flowing...

James Bond / Black Tie

Foldable tuxedo favour boxes add a touch of black tie sophistication to proceedings and are a fun way to distribute your party favours.

Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets for wedding guests

Maybe, just maybe, a life-changing gift for whoever is lucky enough to pick the right one; lottery tickets cost around £1 each and are a pleasingly unusual choice for a wedding favour.

Kids’ Favours

You need to keep all your guests happy at a wedding, not just the fully-grown ones. Think about creating some unique favours specifically for the kids that will be attending; think bright colours, think puzzles, think toys and think lots of sweets!

Lego wedding favours for kids

Hopefully this has provided you with some inspiration, and some reassurance that not everything about a wedding has to be mega-expensive!

04 August, 2015