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What sort of unique wedding favours for the discerning bride would you choose

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life and almost every bride’s dream is to have a totally bespoke and unique day that she will be able to relive and reminisce over throughout both her and her husband’s life. Having the ability to pick out and choose individual pieces to adjust your wedding day’s layout or theme is brilliant, allowing you to add a personal touch of panache to your special day.
Wedding Favour Petal Designs
UK Wedding Favours arguably offer you a terrific insight into the many different possibilities and effects you can achieve, providing a beautiful selection of unique wedding favours, bespoke wedding gifts for men, women and children and a fine and almost unlimited array of table and venue décor that spans many possible themes to suit your preferences.

Today, we focus on unique favours, the special little thank you’s that you can present to all guests as a memento of your marriage, traditionally symbolic across members of any Christian religion. These are normally sugared almonds wrapped in lace but in this day and age however, the fillings are chosen to suit the couples preferences and tastes of the individual guest, with selections of sweeties, chocolates or foil wrapped chocolate balls for kids and adults alike!

Racchetti wedding favours
The finishing touches are what our design team here at UK Wedding Favours does best. Creating a stunning assortment of unique ready made favours to suit a larger audience and the greater demand from couples planning their wedding day celebrations too, we make it possible for you to personalise your wedding favour design down to the last finishing touch. It is so easy for you to find the ideal favour to suit your tastes and preferences today with UK Wedding Favours, whether searching for a petal design or a wedding favour pail.
wedding favour Pails
Included in our collection is a choice of stunningly designed, beautiful Crystal Lily Racchetti that offer a sublime elegance, with almonds or your chosen selection of sweets discerningly enveloped within the petals of this sumptuous design. Featuring petal frills made from your choice of Organza fabric and finishes off with a sparkling crystal and pearl beaded lily, these will definitely be an outstanding success with your guests.

Unique Wedding Favours
Fabulous petal designs, favour pails available in a kaleidoscope of colours to match your favourite colour schemes and a delightful array of Brooch Box Favours to present to your friends and family members, discover the finest assortment of bespoke and so very unique wedding favours here. Speak freely with our design team and allow us to create the perfect wedding favour solution to suit your exact requirements to suit your tastes and budget.

19 May, 2014

Delightful wedding favours that add a sparkle and touch of elegance at affordable prices

Celebrating in style with the latest wedding favours from our beautiful collection, here at UK Wedding Favours, we are proud to launch our latest product in our readymade wedding favour category.

As you are probably aware already, the extensive collection of readymade favours available here offer a quite unlimited number of possible choices you can decide upon when looking for the perfect wedding favours for your celebration.

With the addition of our readymade Organza bags with Diamante trim, our fine selection continues to grow further, offering the perfect choice to embrace the summer months this year.

A beautiful and delicate favour design; these offer a unique personal touch to thank your guests this year and can be filled with a variety of sweets to suit both children and adults alike.

The brilliant aspect of the organza and diamante wedding favours is that they are such an affordable choice for your wedding at only £1.99 each, yet offer an expensive aesthetic appeal -one that is attractive and which offers hints of a vintage retro chic aspect together with a charm and character that guests can cherish.

The Organza Bags with Diamante trim add just the right accents of colour to your venue’s tables allowing you to place additional splashes of colour to create the perfect setting for your special gathering. They can be made to match your colour scheme or follow a particular theme you wish to create.

In whatever scenario that appeals to the most, the magic of sparkling diamante and the delicate aesthetics and textures of the best Organza fabric makes these favour bags a delightfully inexpensive yet beautiful way to share your joy with others.Discovering the many stunning variations within our online catalogue today will offer you a healthy array of ideals as our personal attention to customer service and superseded by our reputation for quality are unrivalled within our industry.

There are so many different choices you can use to make your selection easy and more personalised from the very start with UK Wedding Favours that we invite you to browse our many delicious filling ideas, set against a kaleidoscope of stunning colours in our Organza range today.

12 May, 2014