Saturday, 3 October 2015

What Your Favourite Colour Says About You And Your Wedding

Colours can influence your moods, feelings and emotions. They can also affect your actions and how you respond to people, situations and ideas, so your chosen wedding colour scheme could have a bearing on the mood of the day.

Some colours are uplifting and exciting while others can be depressing and draining. So what does your favourite colour say about you?

Close up of a beautiful vintage white wedding dress

White is pure, healing and spiritual. It indicates beginnings and starting afresh, which is why it is worn by brides.

Pink represents calmness, gentleness and romantic love. It is associated with traditional feminine traits and is very warm, none-threatening and compassionate.

Purple is seen as a very psychic, mysterious and magical colour. It inspires originality, creativity and aids spiritual growth. In addition it represents royalty and the nobility and is associated with luxury and wealth. People with great creativity tend to be drawn to the colour purple such as writers, artists, musicians, psychics and poets.

Indigo represents intuition, perception and concentration. It is the perfect colour for meditation as it allows focus without distraction. Ideas and inspirations can suddenly seem to “come out of the blue” with this colour.

Blue is seen as a cool, tranquil colour and is said to be the colour of communication. From the palest baby blue to the richness of midnight blue, the colour blue is a very healing colour.

Green is a calming, fertile and nurturing colour. Its prevalence in nature makes it very easy on the eye and attractive. Green has always been associated with luck and wealth. It also symbolises freshness, fertility and growth.

Yellow is a sunny, bright and vibrant colour. Just looking at it makes you happy!
Wearing yellow gives an instant sunshine glow to the face and makes you look both cheery and youthful.

Orange is a joyous and vibrant colour, which represents vitality, enthusiasm and excitement. Orange is a very uplifting and attracting colour. If you suffer low moods, try to eat orange foods such as carrots, oranges and pumpkins, wear orange clothing and get out into the sunshine as much as possible.

Red has many meanings. It symbolises both danger and passion. Red is the colour of blood and can shock, repulse and frighten. Red is also the colour of red roses, red hearts and red lips – all symbols of passion and love.

Brown is a rich, comforting and sensuous colour, representing sensibility and practicality. It is not seen as a frivolous or flighty colour and is the preferred colour of both men and women who are practical and like to get things done. It is the colour of the doer rather than the dreamer.

Gold symbolises abundant wealth, power, vibrant health and prosperity. It is also considered a very healing and transformative colour.

Silver represents the feminine traits of intuition, compassion and mystery, and is associated with the moon and moon energy. Silver is said to draw negative energy from the body and replace it with vibrant, positive energy. People who are drawn to the colour silver are usually very intuitive, psychic and extremely compassionate.

Black is viewed as a mysterious, secretive and hidden colour and has many negative connotations. Great care should be taken not to use too much of the colour black for clothing and decor as it is very draining and depressing.


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