Monday, 19 August 2013

Tiaras and Tantrums! Don’t stress over your headdress for the bride

Crested upon the heads of the bride and subsequently in many occasions the bridesmaids too, there is a certain majestic quality connected with tiaras and other such wedding headwear. Offering an elegant and often regal finish to any blushing bride, there are thousands of tiara designs, ranging from the extraordinary and lavish, to the more toned down, sophisticated examples that can be sourced easily in high street wedding boutiques and in online emporiums.

You see, the tiara is far more than a simple accessory. Across the world in many different religions and traditions, ceremonial head-dresses, crowns, headbands and tiaras are customary and have been for centuries. Their symbolic nature originally was focused on Royalty and the power, wealth and importance of leaders but over the centuries individuals began to incorporate the tiara into fashion, beauty and world wide pageant themes and especially weddings, expressing the form of importance and beauty towards the bride on her special, important day.

Head and hair decorations such as tiaras emphasise the focus on the bride and/or bridesmaids, adding the finishing touches to what will be stunning dresses and beautiful bouquets, bringing a effervescence and sparkle to the complete bridal ensemble. Ornate and finely crafted, the wide selection of tiaras available at UK Wedding Favours will ensure that you can find the perfect example at hugely competitive prices.

Take our magnificent arrangement, from which you can choose any number of well priced tiaras that look spectacular. Our very popular Silver Rhodium Elegant Diamante Tiara uses high grade diamante stones to produce a deep shine and sparkle, being far superior to everyday, duller varieties. Boasting expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, this tiara is but one of the many we provide; just ask our team for any details relating to our entire range.


Here at UK Wedding Favours we offer a leading service designed to ensure our clients and customers have access to a wonderful assortment of accessories and wedding favours. Our passionate approach and competitive prices have enabled us to remain at the very forefront of bridal fashion accessories, wedding favours and those extra touches that make your wedding unique. In addition, examples of our wedding tiaras can look fabulous for the bridesmaids, flower girls or maid of honour, such as the Silver Double Head band Diamante Tiara and other fabulous high quality examples found within our online portfolio today.