Friday, 3 June 2011

The Meaning of 5 Sugared Almonds

Wedding Favours are traditional gifts which are given out at the wedding reception as a means of saying “thank you” from the bride and groom.  They are a token of appreciation that serve as a memorable keepsake for friends and family members who have come together to celebrate the marriage of the happy couple.  The Italian tradition of giving out wedding favours has gone on for centuries whether it’s in a traditional Bomboniere style of tulle nets or a beautiful presentation wedding favour box containing five sugared almonds.

Sugared almonds in multiple colours

The almonds themselves are coated in various colours in a candy shell and they are actually highly symbolic in more ways than one.  It is said that the sweet yet ever so slightly bitter flavour that fresh almonds possess represents the taste of life and the sweet sugared coating symbolises the hope that the newly married couple will enjoy a life that is more sweet than bitter.  In Italy, and indeed in many other parts of Europe, you will usually always find that there are precisely 5 almonds in each wedding favour.

The actual significance of there being five almonds is that the number five is indivisible which symbolises a strong bond or union between the newlywed couple that will never be broken or divided.  In addition to this, each almond has its own specific individual meaning and these are Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertility and Long Life.

So, the next time anybody asks you why there are always five almonds in a wedding favour, you should be able to tell them!

Wedding favour box with gold lid

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