Monday, 23 June 2014

Celebrating the wedding season being in full swing, why wedding favours are still the popular thank you gifts for your guests

Welcome once again to this week’s blog post that will talk about wedding favours of all shapes and designs as the wedding season is in full bloom across the UK. As you may know, wedding favours have been a traditional part of the wedding celebrations for many generations, traditionally represented by five sugared almonds wrapped in lace or fine cloth/fabric.
Ready made wedding favours
Typically the number of sweets or sugared almonds has always been an odd number, significant as it cannot be divided between two (represented by the bride and groom) and the number five also has significance, especially in strong Christian and Catholic services representing health, happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity.
wedding favour boxes
The many different designs available today means that a couple planning their wedding can have an almost infinite array of choices when choosing the style of their wedding favours, delivering a personal thank you to each and every one of their guests. With great selections for children and adults, they can be made fun and interesting by adding little features and special notes to add to the unique and bespoke appeal that you wish to create for your big day.
colour coordinated wedding favours
We have a beautiful selection of inviting ideas for you to choose from, either taking inspiration from our extensive range when looking to create a unique favour that is colour coordinated to match your preferences or allowing our team of trained experts to present perfect ready made wedding favours to match a particular theme. Most definitely one thing is for sure and that is wedding favours are still hugely popular, perhaps even more so this year, as we see an increase in the trend for traditional weddings.

With such a delightful montage of wonderful ideas to create a spectacular display on your wedding day, there are great contemporary and traditional wedding favours for men, women and children as we invite you to explore the many different collections found within our extensive online store. Whatever your exact needs, whether traditional or contemporary, our team is here to assist you in locating the perfect solution for your special event.