14 July 2015

Top 5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

Weddings are great; you've got all your family and friends together in one place, celebrating the union of two people about to embark on the journey of life together. Unfortunately, the smaller members of your wedding party - particularly the ones aged between 2 and 12 - might not be so enraptured by the proceedings.

Yawning children at a wedding

Do anything to prevent that dreaded yawn!

But don't worry. We've compiled the top five ways to keep these more diminutive members of your group entertained throughout the day.

Chocolate footballs for wedding favours1. Engage Their Sweet Tooth

It's a special occasion, so no one will blame you if you put the low-sugar diet on hold for a day. It's an indisputable fact that kids love sweets, so why not use that to your advantage?

Disney chocolate gold coins, chocolate footballs, jelly beans, mini eggs, love hearts; all of these things become tools you can use to keep kids entertained during the wedding reception and beyond.

Official lego favour boxes for kids2. Get Their Favourite Toys on the Case

If the sugar starts to wear off, you might want to try to enlist the help of your kid's favourite toys. We even offer acrylic wedding favours in the shapes of pigs, teddy bears and racing cars, which can be filled with sweets to combine parts one and two into one handy method! We also offer Lego favour boxes for kids who love to build.

Blow bubbles at your wedding!3. Invest in Some Bubbles

Kids of all ages love bubbles. There is just something about the way they float weightlessly on the breeze that has kids enthralled.

With this in mind, invest in some bubbles and keep the kids at your wedding entertained for hours on end! We stock a range of wedding bubbles, so that you are sure to find one that fits the theme of your wedding!

Children's wedding activity book4. Engage Their Creative Side

Sometimes simply trying to entertain kids isn't enough. Instead, you need to give them the tools to entertain themselves. Our activity packs might just do the trick.

These packs come complete with colouring books, coloured crayons and activity sets such as mazes and other games. With their creative side fully engaged, you can expect kids to be enthralled for hours, increasing their - and everyone else's - enjoyment of the wedding.

Flower girl wedding activity book5. Get Them Onboard

But surely the best way to keep your kids engaged, entertained and out of trouble during a wedding is to get them onboard and involved. They might not always act like it, but kids are really just little grownups desperate to be given the responsibility and duties of adults.

If you involve your kids and those of your nearest and dearest in your wedding you may be pleasantly surprised by how reliable they are. We have flower girl and ring bearer packs to help you get your kids involved in your special day.