07 September 2015

6 Little Touches that Will Make Your Wedding One to Remember

Creating a memorable wedding is all about the little details, not just in terms of decoration, but also in terms of those subtle touches that will make your guests remember your wedding for years to come. These six tips will elevate your wedding from a pleasant ceremony to a fun-filled occasion for all involved.

Flip Flops

If you want your guests to enjoy your wedding, you need to give their feet some consideration! Standing for pictures, walking around all day and dancing might not be so bad for the men, but for your female guests in high heels, it is going to get a little tiring.

Wedding flip flops in sand
Maybe it’s not practical to hire an in-house team of masseurs for your wedding, so why not invest in some flip flops to distribute amongst your female guests? This will rescue them from sore feet and keep that happy atmosphere going for longer.


Games are a tried and tested way to boost the fun factor of any occasion, and your nuptial celebrations are no exception! By incorporating fun trivia games, puzzles to solve, and other party entertainment, you can ensure that your wedding is one that guests will remember.
But the fun needn’t be confined to indoors. For a summer wedding, why not get your guests outside for some garden games? It is these little experiences that will make your wedding memorable, and your guests will always remember how much fun they had.


Everyone loves a summer wedding, but what happens when the mercury starts rising to uncomfortable levels? Giving hand fans to your guests is a great way to combat this.
Not only will it help to keep guests cool, they also make a great accessory and a charming keepsake from your wedding day. Choose from our unique collection of fan design favours to match your wedding theme to add a stylish little bit of detail, which also serves a practical purpose in those sometimes stifling summer temperatures.


Weddings are a time when everyone wants to look their best, and to look great you need to feel great too. This is why adding little baskets of toiletries to the bathrooms at your wedding is a great idea. Fill these baskets with all the essentials that your guests might need – including hand creams, scented mist sprays and other cosmetic treats – and give your friends, family and loved ones a pampered experience they will really appreciate.
There is no gender bias at work here; men love this kind of thing too! Stock your wedding with “his ‘n’ hers” baskets in the bathrooms and watch your special day go down a storm.


Sometimes you need to break away from those traditional wedding tropes and try something new, so how about introducing bubbles to your nuptials rather than confetti?

Bubbles during the first dance

Bubbles make for great photo opportunities as they drift above your guest’s heads, are great fun for kids to play with, and are far easier to clean up after the ceremony. If you want to keep everyone happy without compromising on the charm and aesthetic of your special day, bubbles tick every box!

Personalised Favours

You’ve invited your guests to your wedding to share an incredibly special moment in your life, so it is only fair to show them the courtesy of catering for their specific tastes and requirements. Maybe some of your guests are lactose intolerant, or have allergies to nuts, gluten or other foodstuffs. By creating wedding favour bags or baskets, carefully tailored to what they need, you can help to make an already special day that little bit more warm and wonderful for everyone concerned.
Have you tried any of these little touches? Have any to share with us? Get in touch and let us know!