17 March 2014

The mass appeal of the rustic country wedding theme this year

This spring is all about rustic country weddings and here are some great tips to help you create the perfect back drop for your special themed wedding in 2014. No matter if you plan to wed in the next few weeks or if you are in the early stages of planning your 2015 spring wedding, the rustic country theme is a classic vintage choice that has grown in popularity exponentially over the last decade.

As couples experience a yearning for a more traditional wedding experience and the country theme taking on a far more chic persona, there are many aspects that every couple wanting to achieve the perfect wedding environment for their guests can adapt and apply in order to make the ideal setting for their reception. The beauty is that you don’t need to apply the rustic country theme to everything as even small scatterings and accents can really create a rustic vibe.

Great news for any couple trying to stay to a set budget, ironically as once upon a time rustic weddings were associated with ‘shoestring weddings’ where decorations were created cheaply from items such as hessian sacks made into bunting and decorative pieces, twine and other naturally abundant materials used widely in day to day life in the countryside.

These same materials, hay bale outdoor seating areas, hessian cloth, oil lanterns and more that now create huge appeal among soon to be wedded couples all go together to be what is considered as fashionable, thanks to our re-connection with nature and the chic attraction of the rustic theme as a sure winner in wedding fashion circles.

Here at UK Wedding Favours we have, for almost 20 years, we have been at the forefront of wedding favours, wedding decor and all the bits in between that can really make the most awe inspiring finishing touches to your magical day. Our recently updated traditional country wedding section provides a great selection of easy to order decorations for both venue and table, in addition to bouquets, bridal tiaras, rustic wedding invitations and of course the most beautiful wedding favours that offer a truly unique finishing touch to your 2014/15 rustic spring/summer wedding.