03 March 2014

May the only butterflies you have this spring be inspirational decorative wedding ones

As we all know, getting a butterfly or two in your tummy is completely normal as you reach the final stages of your wedding day preparations and as spring is upon us what better than to celebrate your upcoming day in a fresh spring themed manner.

Butterflies are gorgeous, romantic and delicate creatures that are loved across the world for their beauty, symmetry and of course their transformation from caterpillar into a flourishing and unarguably stunning sight to see, in more ways than one sharing the same attributes as two people coming together and joining as one in holy matrimony.

Adored by both children and adults alike, the butterfly represents many things, a free spirit, opulent beauty and a wonderful, enlightening transformation or change; in many ways the same feelings and displayed emotions of a newly married couple!

So with any happy couples preparing to tie the knot this month, the butterfly is a brilliant point of interest, even in the final stages of your wedding planning. Much can still be done to incorporate butterflies into your big day, from accents on your dress or bouquet to table decorations and venue banners, to a host of additional accessories too!

Here at UK Wedding Favours we have devoted ourselves to creating the perfect wedding favours and wedding accessories for over 18 years, continuing year after year to outperform many other favour specialists with flair and imagination and of course our passion and commitment to detail and quality.

A wide range of perfect ways to incorporate all kinds of butterfly into your wedding day theme can be found here at UK Wedding Favours where, amongst other great ideas, you can discover superbly detailed stencil butterfly box and lid wedding favour examples in addition to pretty butterfly design bunting, butterfly place cards and so much more!

As per our interesting and inspirational ideas, why not take a look at our butterfly trivia cards too as these are a great conversation starter and ice breaker for adults and children alike. Available alongside a complete range of delightful venue and table decor selections to suit your needs, call on the experts here at UK Wedding Favours today for further information and assistance in bringing your big day preparations together.